Responsibilities of Specialized Committee

There are four board committees under the Board of Directors to oversee specific professional matters of the Company, including the Audit Committee, the Nomination and Remuneration Committee, the Risk Management Committee and the Strategy and Investment Decision Committee, each with clear and specific written terms of authority. Each board committee regularly reports on their work progress and discusses the conclusions with the Board of Directors. Each board committee is accountable to the Board of Directors, and acts in accordance with the rules and regulations for meetings of the board committees adopted by the Board of Directors.

The principal duties of the Audit Committee are to review and supervise the preparation of the Company’s financial reports, assess the effectiveness of the Company’s internal control system, supervise the Company’s internal audit system and its implementation, and recommend the engagement or replacement of external auditors. The Audit Committee is also responsible for communications between the internal and external auditors and the establishment of the internal reporting mechanism of the Company.

The Nomination and Remuneration Committee is mainly responsible for reviewing the structure of the Board, its number of members and composition and drawing up plans for the appointment, succession and appraisal criteria of Directors and senior management. The committee is also responsible for formulating training and remuneration policies for the senior management of the Company.

The Risk Management Committee is mainly responsible for formulating the Company’s system of risk control benchmarks, discussing with the management and assisting them in establishing well-developed risk management and internal control system, examining and reviewing the Company’s risk preference and risk tolerance, formulating the Company’s risk management policy, reviewing the assessment reports in relation to the Company’s risk management and internal control, studying major investigation findings on risk management and internal control matters as delegated by the Board or on its own initiative and the management’s response to these findings, and dealing with major risk emergency events or crisis events or major disagreement in risk management.

The Strategy and Investment Decision Committee is mainly responsible for the drawing-up of long-term development strategies and significant investment or financing plans of the Company, proposing significant projects of capital operation and assets management, and conducting studies and making recommendations on other important matters affecting the development of the Company.