Responsibilities of the Board

The Board is a standing decision-making body of the Company and its main duties include the following: performing the function of corporate governance of the Company, convening shareholders’ general meetings, implementing resolutions passed at such meetings, improving the Company’s corporate governance policies, approving the Company’s development strategies and operation plans, formulating and supervising the Company’s financial policies, annual budgets and financial reports, providing an objective evaluation on the Company’s operating results in its financial reports and other disclosure documents, dealing with senior management personnel matters, arranging for Directors and senior management to attend various training courses, attaching importance to the enhancement of their professional quality, reviewing the compliance policies of the Company, and assessing the internal control systems of the Company. The day-to-day management and operation of the Company are delegated to the management. The responsibilities of Non-executive Directors and Independent Directors include, without limitation, regularly attending meetings of the Board and the specialized Board committees of which they are members, providing opinions at meetings of the Board and the specialized Board committees, resolving any potential conflict of interest, serving on the Audit Committee, Nomination and Remuneration Committee and other specialized Board committees, and inspecting, supervising and reporting on the performance of the Company. The Board is accountable to the shareholders of the Company and reports to them.